Building simulation with INSEL 4D


The latest new development in INSEL is a library for dynamic building simulation. INSEL can calculate an annual energy demand profile for heating and cooling with arbitrary time resolution on the basis of 3D geometry data from SketchUp or urban CityGML geometries, for instance. A speciality of the new library is the highly modular structure of all components which make up a building.

Every individual wall is simulated dynamically and all variables of the simulation model can directly be accessed. Thus, detailed building physics problems can be solved.

On the other hand, the modular blocks can be coupled with 3D geometry data from BIM- (Building Information Modeling) or city modeling world.

Complete city quarters can be simulated dynamically and the most important topics of energy management can be investigated, for example, feed-in of decentralized renewable energy, or the use of a building‘s thermal mass to create flexibility. It is also possible to create energy certificates following the German standard DIN 18599.

Modulare und dynamische Simulation von Gebäuden
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