Photovoltaics, solar heating and cooling

INSEL 8 – Simulation von solaren Energiesystemen

The libraries Solar Electricity and Solar Thermal Systems contain the main models and data for the simulation of photovoltaic modules, inverters and solar thermal components. Several thousand parameter sets for the one-diode model cover nearly all commercial PV modules in the INSEL database.

A parameter fit algorithm extracts the six parameters from manufacturers‘ data sheets or flasher data to calculate the voltage-current characteristics for all meteorological conditions. With the help of the one-diode model curves the operating points of a PV generator can be simulated very accurately.


Simulation of the characteristic curves can answer detailed questions such as: What are the advantages of pre-sorting modules? How much yield losses can be expected if the nominal power of the inverter is less than ideal? How big is the effect on efficiency of different module mountings? How good is the performance of new thin-film technologies in weak-light?

All kinds of PV generator connections are possible and shading of individual modules can be researched in detail. Batteries, charge controllers, wind turbines, electrolyzers, fuel cells, heat pumps and many other electrical and thermal energy systems can also be simulated.

Simulation von Photovoltaikmodulen, Wechselrichtern und solarthermischen Komponenten
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